Waiting for Baby Lackey | Milwaukee Maternity Photographer

Meghan and Zack are having a baby.  They will be bringing their baby boy home to their east side residence in just a few more weeks and its already full of love for him, a sentiment you can most certainly see in these images and is undoubtedly shared by anxious grandmas and grandpas back in Michigan, who will be welcoming their very first grand baby into the world.  I will be photographing the little guy after his arrival later this month and I can’t wait to meet him, a feeling that no doubt, can hardly match the immense anticipation that Meghan and Zack must be feeling during their final days of waiting. Wishing you two all the best as you become mommy and daddy. I am looking forward to the moment that I get to see you with your baby boy, all curled up in your arms.

Meghan - Oh my gosh, Erin! The pictures are beautiful – I am so thrilled! They turned out better than I could have imagined. You Thank you so much for coming to our home and helping us capture this special time. I’m so glad I decided to do a maternity shoot and will treasure these photos!

Diane - Absolutely stunning! What an amazing job to capture these memories of such a special event in these photos, priceless.

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Oh Baby…A Shower For E | Milwaukee Event Photography

A few weeks ago,  I had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for my dear friend, Elizabeth.  I definitely can’t take all the credit here, because I had tons of help from the other hostesses, Tosha and Jenna. I started by designing the invitations and then we decided on a theme of  “all things small.” The theme was woven throughout the shower with decor, such as tiny vintage baby blocks, a mini suitcase, used to corral notes from shower guests, and the tiny baby booties, displayed underneath a glass domed pedestal.  The theme was also intertwined throughout the decor with quotes, such as the framed print that says “Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart” and the words, “Find beauty in small things,” which could be seen dangling from mini-clothespins inside a vintage frame. Photos of the guest of honor as a baby and the ultrasound picture of her baby also lingered nearby. Additionally, we used the “small” theme as a guide for our menu choices, which included bite-sized appetizers and petite brownie bites. Guests sipped on mimosas during the shower and as the festivities began to wind down, were sent on their way with small mason jars filled with a delicious trail mix. The guest of honor, Elizabeth, and I have been best friends for half our lives and have shared so many incredible memories of life’s special moments…so it was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of this day and host this shower for my dear friend.  I absolutely cannot wait for her next momentous milestone….when she meets her new little man.  He should be arriving at any moment…and I am dying to meet him too!

Allison - Looks like it was a fun day! Best wishes Elizabeth – can’t wait to hear news if baby boy’s arrival!

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Georgie and Gavin are ONE | Milwaukee Cake Smash Photographer

I met this sweet family a few weeks ago at their home in Kenosha in honor of the twins’ first birthday. As you can see, Georgie (short for Georgiana) and Gavin are really happy babies with bright blue eyes and adorable squeezable cheeks.  I just love a good cake smash session. Cracks me up every time…We started the session with some family shots, but when it was time for cake, Georgie dug right in while Gavin was a bit more reserved. In fact, Georgie wasted no time in reaching over and giving Gavin’s cake a try too.  My absolute favorite image here is the last one. What’s yours?

Erin - These are so great! Thank you! I absolutely love every single one. If I had to pick a fav, it would be the third down where they are both smiling. That is their personalities to a tee!

Denver Fashion Photographer - Oh my goodness, this entire series is so precious. I love the detail shots!


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Meet Alexa | Chicago Family Photographer

I finally got to meet sweet little Alexa a few weeks ago and boy, is she precious! I haven’t seen her sweet family since she was in her mama’s belly back in September. I swear, they might be one of the best-looking families on earth! Seriously? Can you be any more beautiful and photogenic than these four? I don’t think so.  Lisa and Matthew, it was lovely to see you, as usual. I couldn’t be happier for you. and your growing family. Enjoy these moments…as you well know, they are fleeting.

Kayin Love - BEAUTIFUL Family cuz !

Regina - OMG!!! I agree this IS the best looking family on Chicago.

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Meet Kadence | Milwaukee Newborn Photographer

This little sweetie pie is the new baby sister of one of my students…and I had the pleasure of meeting her when she was just 11 days new. She has one of the prettiest little faces I have ever seen and the sweetest disposition too.  When I arrived for our Sunday morning session, Kadence was wide eyed and cuddly and was so content to just hang out and snuggle in the arms of mom or her big sister or to stretch out her tiny little legs.  It was lovely to see how admired and adored she is already and  I am sure you can see why…she is absolutely stunning! I am so blessed to have two jobs that I love– and it is so fun when my two worlds collide and I get to share moments like these with families whose children I teach. I look forward to the day I get to have this little peanut in my class and I can tell her how special it was to meet her when she was just a tiny little babe all snuggled up in the arms of the people who love and adore her most.

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