Lindner Family | Doctor’s Park Beach | Milwaukee Family Photographer

The last time I had a chance to photograph my friends, Steve and Tosha, their little Elsa was just a tiny little peanut, and before that she was still in her mama’s belly, when everyone, including her big brother Jake, was anxiously awaiting her arrival.  Now, more than a year has passed and little Elsa is still a little peanut, but she isn’t a baby anymore.  She’s walking and talking and keeping mom and dad on their toes. Steve and Tosha, thanks so much for a fun night at the beach and for being such dear friends. XO

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Kelley and Katie | Class of 2015 | Whitefish Bay High School Senior Photographer

A few weeks ago I met these gorgeous twin girls at the Schiltz Audubon Nature Center just as the sun was going down.  The yummy sunlight wrapped them up in its deliciousness and my camera fell in love while I geeked out about the whole thing. I’ve never done a senior session for twins before, so that, combined with the fact that the camera loved them, had me giddy with excitement. Plus, it was so fun chatting with Kelley and Katie about their high school lives and their plans for the future…perhaps a Badger one will be? It sounds like they both have an affinity for the Big Ten…So only time will tell where they end up. For now there are fun times to be had by these two in their senior year at Whitefish Bay High School. Enjoy it, girls! It will be over before you know it….and the next chapter will begin. Best of luck!

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Charlie | Class of 2015 | Kohler High School Senior Photographer

I first met Charlie almost four years ago when he was with his dad in Madison, standing up for something he believes in and fighting for the rights of Wisconsin’s public workers. At just 14 years old he was far more savvy and politically active than anyone I ever knew at that age. I remember thinking how incredible it was that he was experiencing something quite historic at such a young age. Now Charlie is heading into his senior year at Kohler High School and thinking about where his next journey will take him.  And when I saw Charlie again a few weeks ago, I was reminded why I really love photographing high school seniors.  I get to hang out with some really cool kids, right before they go off and navigate life on their own…and while their adventures will be exciting and fun and scary and even sad at the same time, they will become stronger and wiser and more empathetic and perhaps an even truer version of themselves.  Charlie is such a perfect example of this. He is a really cool kid on the verge of creating some of  his own historic events, which, I have no doubt will be nothing short of incredible. 

tom tobin - Erin, Thanks for the kind words. We were all every excited when we saw the posting of the pictures on your blog last night. Thanks again, you are a great photographer and friend. Tom

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Ellyson & Rex | Milwaukee Lakefront Family Photography

I haven’t seen these two cuties since the little guy was brand new.  He’s gotten so big and his chubby thighs and sky blue eyes are to die for, while big sister’s darling personality and sweet little voice absolutely melt your heart.  We had a lovely evening at the beach last week, and while little Rex wasn’t givin’ up the smiles so easily, we snuck a few in and I hope mom and dad will be happy with what we got.:)

Terri Fischer - Did you get my previous email? I know you are busy, maybe I waited to long.

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The Wessing Family | Milwaukee Lakefront Family Photographer

Shannon and I go WAY back. We worked together back in the day at Flannery’s when we were practically kids….so I was beyond thrilled to hear from her and honored that she asked me to shoot photos of her adorable family.  We met at the Audubon on a lovely summer evening and headed down to the beach. On our walk down we began to catch up and its funny how what seems like ages ago can feel like just yesterday when you see an old friend.  Shannon it was absolutely delightful to see you again, reminisce and meet your darling family. I sincerely hope our ‘next time’ will be much sooner than the last.

Terri Fischer - Would like to try and set something up for individual and family photos of our whole family. A Saturday morning would work best, I know you are really busy, but would love to do this before the snow starts falling. Do you have any Saturdays available ?

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