Cecilia is Two and Lucia is Five | A Pink Ombre Polka Dot Birthday Party

Early this month we had a joint birthday party for my girls, celebrating Cecilia’s second birthday and Lucia’s fifth. I am completely awestruck  by them in these images and just can’t get over how much they’ve each grown and changed this year.

For their party, I kept things simple by using many items that I already had and creating my own invitations and printables in photoshop.  The inspiration for my invitation came from this one on etsy.  Lucia said she wanted a “pink polka dot party,” which I fancied up by adding an ombre effect and gold glitter accents.  Most of the decorations are items that I already had on hand, like the vintage frames that I first used to suspend little polaroid images from miniature clothespins at Cecilia’s first birthday party.  The lemonade in mason jars with paper straws is a staple at my parties, as is a buttercream frosted cake from Metro Market on a pretty cake stand. I added interest to the simple pink ombre cake by making my own banner, which displayed the girls’ ages. While I certainly didn’t go all out with the decor, I love how casual and chic it looks here. This was a very simple party, made especially fabulous by the family and friends who came to spend a relaxing summer afternoon in the backyard, celebrating my little ladybug and ladybird.


Vendor Credits:

Cake – Metro Market

Flowers – Metro Market

Bell Mason Jars – Amazon Prime

Paper Straws – Amazon Prime

White Cake Stand, Turquoise Cake Stand and Cupcake Stand - Amazon Prime

Bunting Banner – Starlit Nest Gifts, Etsy

Gold Vase, Polka Dot Gift Bags and Happy Day Banner – Target

Glass Jars, miniature clothespins – Michaels

Polka Dot Dress- GAP

Frames,  Cake Banners, Invitations, Printables – Handmade by me

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Sayulita Paradise | Milwaukee Family Photographer in Mexico

A few weeks ago we traveled with the entire family to paradise. Also known as Sayulita, Mexico. Four years ago, my sister, Allison and her husband, Jeff, recited their vows atop a Sayulita bluff surrounded by friends and family and the crystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. We fell in love with the little surf town back then and decided to return to the same lovely beachfront house for a weeklong stay in honor of Mark’s 40th birthday and our 10 year wedding anniversary. We were lucky enough to have Allie and Jeff and my new nephew, Sammy join us as well as my mom, and our dear friends, the Carr family, who have 3 children, the same ages as ours.  It was the perfect vacation and the only complaint we had was that it was of course, too short, with us all asking ourselves on the eve of our return home,”Why aren’t we staying for two weeks?” and  ”Why don’t we do this every year?”

On the first night, we ate dinner at Sayulita Fish Taco, an open air restaurant with the most delicious, you guessed it, fish tacos. This was our view overlooking the main square.

We were all tired from a super long day of travel, after waking up at 2:45 am to get to the airport, but no one was quite as sleepy as Tyson.:)

We had the most amazing views of the sunset, right from our beachfront patio.

One morning, I walked into town along the beach and stumbled across this set-up for a wedding that we saw happening later that day. What a beautiful place to get married.

We spent a few hours one day at a secluded little beach called Playa de los Muertos. We traveled there by golf cart, thanks to the hubs, for being our chauffeur.

We celebrated cute little Camryn’s second birthday…

…frolicked on the beach at sunset…

…and made wishes on lanterns.

It was the perfect vacation.

Julianna - I love all of them! Especially the one with Lucia’s hand on her hip givin some model attitude. Also is it weird that I want Cecilia’s swim suits? They are so cute!
Love you!

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Samson James | Milwaukee Newborn Photographer

A few months ago, I got to travel to Denver to meet my new nephew, Samson James. He is so darn cute and I absolutely love him to pieces. Tomorrow we will meet again, but this time in México! I can’t wait!!! Dear Sammy, I wish you didn’t live so far away but I will treasure every moment that I get to snuggle you and cherish each day that Cooper, Lucia and Cecilia get to spend with their cutie patootie cousin! WE love you, Sammy!! XOXO

Julianna Kova - I’m just seeing these now and they are great! Can’t wait to see more from your time in Mexico :) Miss you!

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Weiss Family | Milwaukee Maternity Photographer

Over the past two years I have had the absolute pleasure of working with the talented Andrea, of Andrea Weiss Photography, both behind and in front of the lens. So often, as photographers, we get stuck behind the lens so much that we end up with tons and tons of family photos that are missing one very important family member–Mom. I am so lucky to have formed a friendship with Andrea and have one of my most treasured family photos because of her. Normally, we just hand over the images to one another without spending much time editing, knowing that the other one can handle that end of the deal…but this time I simply couldn’t resist. Here she is in front of the lens, glowing and GORGEOUS, with her adorable baby bump and the rest of her beautiful family… Andrea, I hope you love these as much as I do! XO


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O’Desky Family | Doctor’s Park Family Photos

After months of correspondence and planning and rescheduling due to weather or illnesses, I finally got to meet Lauren and her family a few weeks ago at Doctor’s Park.  Lauren, I hope it was worth the wait! Your kids are adorable….and so funny that it seemed after just a few minutes we had discussed dozens of people we know in common. Such a small world in Milwaukee, isn’t it? Happy summer! I hope you love your images.

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