In order to provide my clients quick and easy access to high quality stationery products through which they can highlight their images from Erin Harris Photography, I have established my own storefronts at some highly reputable boutique stationery vendors.  Clients who purchase digital image sessions with me contractually agree that custom cards of any kind (i.e. holiday cards, birth announcements, graduation announcements, save-the-dates) which use my images will be ordered exclusively through my storefronts or by purchasing my custom-created designs and ordering from me.

The suggested designs on my storefronts are simply that–suggestions. These are designs that I think will pair well with my style. However, clients have the freedom to select any designs on the following sites to use with their images. After visiting my storefront, when a client orders a photo card designed on one of these websites, my logo and/or studio name will automatically appear on the back of the cards that they order, giving me credit for the photography.

Minted Storefront